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Constance Bainbridge

About me

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Constance is a musician, psychology researcher, web developer, and multi-media creator currently working at the Music Lab in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University. She has a background studying classical violin at Boston University as well as researching visual and auditory perception in the vision lab (CSAIL) at MIT.

Research interests: Emotions, identity, and memory in the context of maximizing the experience of living a fulfilling life. Music and multi-media tools for better understanding and improving ourselves on the individual and interpersonal level. Lucid and non-lucid dreams as a resource for self-actualization and mental-health improvement.

Technical interests: web development (front-end, Javascript development, venturing into back-end)

Creative interests: composing, performing, and teaching music; graphic design, fine art, and 3D modeling/animation.

This website was designed and created by Constance using HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript (JQuery, Swipebox, native JS).