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Constance Bainbridge

About me

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Constance is a web developer, psychology researcher, musician, and media creator currently working at the Music Lab in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, beginning a PhD at UCLA in Communication in Fall 2020. She has a background studying classical violin at Boston University as well as researching visual and auditory perception in the vision lab (CSAIL) at MIT.

Favorite web technologies: JavaScript/ES6, CSS3, Vue, Express, Node

Creative interests: violin (electric and classical), singing, piano/keyboards, beat production and audio engineering, composing, performing, and teaching music; graphic design, fine art, and 3D modeling/animation.

Other hobbies: bouldering/rock climbing, hiking, dancing.

This website was designed and created by Constance using HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript (JQuery, Swipebox, native JS).